Two fundamental reasons: No other company can match the quality of our bulk pharmaceuticals, and our expertise with "Scheduled Items" is unmatched. The evidence: Our client list of major drug manufacturers that utilize our substances to produce the safest and purest drugs in the world.

On top of that, we offer our clients not only price savings, but an unparalleled willingness to work with and for them. When these factors are carefully considered, Cody Laboratories is your only choice for bulk pharmaceuticals.

Business Description History of Cody Labs

Cody Laboratories, Inc. (Cody Labs), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lannett Company, Inc., produces active pharmaceutical ingredients ( API's) and finished dosage forms of pain relief medication.

Cody Labs was started in 2000 by Ric Asherman, and was located at 331 33rd Street. The company in its infancy produced phentermine hydrochloride. The original facility employed 10 to 15 people. The operations were moved into a new 73,000 square foot facility in 2006.

The business was sold to Lannett Company in 2007. Lannett Company, Inc. manufactures and distributes high quality affordable generic medications that are the therapeutic equivalent of the brand-name pharmaceuticals. The company, based in Philadelphia, owns approximately 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The current Cody Labs facility is 73,000 square feet located on 15 acres. Upon Lannett's acquisition, the employment increased the total headcount to 40 employees by 2008. Continued growth through 2009 saw employment of administrative, professional and operations staff to the current level of 80 by the end of 2010.

In 2008, Cody Labs became one of only seven companies in the United States to be granted an import license for raw opiate material. This allows Cody Labs to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients directly from plant extracts and, therefore, be more cost competitive with its competition. This import license also allows Cody labs to provide the API's which Lannett requires to produce finished dosage forms.

Lannett has a portfolio consisting of numerous products across a wide range of therapeutic areas. The ability to select viable products for development, efficiently develop such products, including obtaining any applicable regulatory approvals, vertically integrate ourselves into certain specialty markets and achieve economies in production are all critical for our success in the generic pharmaceutical industry. Having the manufacturing expertise, low overhead expenses and efficient product development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities will help us remain competitive in the general pharmaceutical market.

Lannett dedicates strategic capital toward developing new products to continually introduce new generic products into the marketplace. The company has cultivated a strong and dependable customer relationship by maintaining adequate inventory levels and demonstrating a responsive order filling system. A majority of our orders are filled and shipped either on the day of, or the day following, the date that we receive the order.

The generic drug industry continues to grow with the aging population and the continuing rate of proprietary drug products coming off patent. In addition, the controlled substance drugs are protected from foreign competition as long as a source is available in the United States.

Cody Laboratories is organized into several key departments, each one with a critical role in the production of our pharmaceutical products. The departments are:

Manufacturing Responsible for physical production of finished pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's).

Project Management Responsible for the overall project plan and execution of new product development. Coordinates all departments in the development, scale-up, validation, and production of new API's and modifications to existing products and systems.

Process Development Responsible for overseeing the processes required to produce a new product.

Validation Responsible for the installation, operation, and performance qualifications of new equipment and processes as dictated by the FDA to ensure reproducible production. Validation is involved from the kilo-lab scale through manufacturing.

Quality Control Department Responsible for the implementation of quality control procedures in the manufacturing process, and the development of test methods to meet these parameters. Also responsible for overseeing product stability. The Quality Control Laboratory within the department, ensures that every product produced meets the highest standart of purity, as well as testing raw materials and intermediates.

Quality Assurance Department Ensures that the products manufactured consistently meet or exceed government regulations and customer requirements.

Controlled Substances Ensures that raw material procurement, development of new products and manufacturing are done in compliance with DEA Regulations.

Because of the sensitive nature of the raw materials and the products produced, the company is under the watchful eye of a number of federal and state agencies. Cody Laboratories, Inc. is registered with the DEA for Schedules I - V of the federal controlled substance regulation.

In order to initiate and maintain operations, Cody Laboratories, Inc. is inspected by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy.

Cody Laboratories is fully committed to compliance with all agencies.

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