Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department (QC) is responsible for the implementation of quality control procedures in the manufacturing process, and the development of test methods to meet these parameters. QC is also responsible for overseeing product stability. QC Management works closely with Process Development and Project Management to ensure adequate testing and controls are in place to make reproducible product that meets all specifications. QC is also responsible for contributing to the Technical Package that is made available to the end customer, which consists of test methods, impurity standards, stability data, etc..


Quality Control Laboratory

The Quality Control Laboratory ensures that every product produced meets the highest standard of purity, as well as testing raw materials and intermediates. QC chemists perform numerous in-process assays during the production of intermediates and final products to ensure the process is in control and running properly. Often, this requires the QC chemists to work on off-shifts as Manufacturing runs 24 hours 7 days a week.










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